I'm a mum to three amazing boys. While motherhood can sometimes feel overwhelming, I'd never change a thing.

My inspiration for middle-grade writing comes from my sons. What's super-dooper cool is being able to write with my 9-year-old son! (We hope to get our fart-tastic, toilet humour novel published soon - Watch this space!)

Residing in the beautiful Hawkesbury region of Sydney, Australia, I feel so lucky to be able to follow my passion for writing in such wonderful surroundings.


I'm a freelance writer for medium.com, where I write about the joys and struggles of being a mama, as well as my writing journey.

Writing is my passion and I'm determined to keep it up, no matter what life throws at me. Publishing my writing on a mainstream social media site like Medium is a great way to maintain my writing habit because it's so important to write every single day.

Reach for the stars (or the gum leaves)!

As much as I'm afraid of failing, I keep pushing myself to never give up on my dream.

Living amongst native Australian wildlife, seeing kangaroos in my backyard, waking up to kookaburras spinning around on my clothesline every morning - this is the setting that inspires me to write every day.

I love the idea that life is a journey and there is no "end goal." Maybe it's because once you achieve a goal, there's always another one just around the corner!

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